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The Book provides adequate explanations of a number of valuable new professional practices needed for modern mathematics teaching- like teaching methods to exceptional children, preparation of instructional support materials including the use of educational technology, new developments in evaluating instructional out comes in mathematics, with a few model lesson plans to demonstrate some of the new instructional approaches. The introductory topics include an incisive presentation of the nature of mathematics which covers areas like non-euclidean geometry, Indian contribution to mathematics etc. I am sure this book will be a useful text book - cum reference book to those who are preparing to become mathematics teachers and for senior teachers of theis subject who would like to atch up with new developments in mathematics teaching.



SKU: 674
    Author :Dr. Vijayakumari K. Dr. Mumthas N.S.Dr. Sumangala V.
    Category : Education
    ISBN : 978-81-948571-4-3
    Binding : Paperback
    First published : November 2020
    Publisher : Pavanatma Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
    Edition : 1
    Number of pages : 358
    Language : English


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