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Book : What Dreams Tell Us Lacanian Interpretations
Author : Sebastian Vattamattam
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 978-81-19443-14-7
Binding : Paperback
First published : December 2023
Publisher : Pavanatma Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition : 1
Number of pages : 120
Language : ENGLISH

What Dreams Tell Us Lacanian Interpretations

SKU: 946
  • This is a unique and remarkable book in many respects. There are two aspects of it which I consider crucial. Firstly, the book offers a simple and easy explanation, with everyday examples, of the profound concepts of the poststructuralist psychoanalyst/thinker Jacques Lacan. The second feature of the book is that it gives us a clear analytical model for the interpretation of our oun dreams... The book is written in quite readable and enjoyable style. And therefore one hopes that it reaches as many hands as possisble. With great pride and greater joy, let me present before you this unusual and curious book by my teacher. Josy Joseph

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