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A Curse of God? A Punishment? A Creation of Satan?

The world has been whipped into a state of shock by the rapid spread of the Corona Virus. Preachers in the world over have wasted no time in declaring that it is a clear sign of God’s curse on humanity. A few others have gone on to assert that it is a punishment meted out by God on an erring people. Numerous others have interpreted it as signaling the end of the world itself. However, there are others who reject all these theories summarily and say it is actually the handiwork of Satan. This last view has indeed many supporters. They point to the fact that all the places of worship are kept closed today. Even a gathering of five or more persons for a prayer service or so, is forbidden by law. This restriction has impacted the Christian community the most. Christians are unable to participate in the Holy Mass or to receive any of the Sacraments. The faithful are not allowed to assemble for any purpose whatsoever. It seems to be clear that Satan has in fact succeeded in driving people away from God.

What can be said about all these speculations?

Especially in the light of the Biblical teachings?

Are there any parallels in the ancient Biblical history?

Any incidents in the Biblical accounts that would shed light on today’s situation? .

This book was originally written in Malayalam and published in May, 2021, when Covid 19 was spreading very fast. Even though the pandemic has subsided to a certain extent, the lessons it teaches have a relevance that transcends time. Hence we are publishing this English edition.

The translation was prepared by Sr. Glorista Arackal SABS. Mr Joseph Raj, Management Consultant based in Mumbai, went through the translation meticulously and made many corrections and valuable suggestions for improvement. May God bless them for their hard work. A word of thanks to Fr. Jinoy Joseph OFMCap, managing director, Pavantama Printers and Publishers, Calicut and all his staff for bringing out this English edition.


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