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It Pleased God, in His goodness and wisdom, to reveal Himself and to make the mystery of His will (Vat. II DV2). Bible is the written Word of God that reveals to us God, His plan and will for us and teaches how to live as children of God. The Bible is a book that was written more than 2000 years ago in languages and situations totally different from ours. Without taking this fact into account, people interpret bible passages according to ones own interests and imagination. The same passage, verses and incidents are often given contradicting interpretation, creating much confusion and opening the way to misunderstanding, Many of such interpretations stand against the official teachings of the Catholic Church. 


SKU: 689
  • Book : A Guide to Bible Study
    Author : Dr. Michael Karimattam
    Category : Bible Study
    ISBN : 978-81-950001-7-3
    Binding : Paperback
    First published : February 2021
    Publisher : Pavanatma Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
    Edition : 1
    Number of pages : 184
    Language : English


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