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Author : Dr. Michael Karimattam
Category : Scripture
ISBN :978-93-93969-95-8
Binding : Paperback
First published : FEBRUARY 2023
Publisher : Pavanatma Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition : 1
Number of pages : 224
Language : English


SKU: 885
  • He was praying in a certain place, and when he ceased, one of his disciples said to him. "Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples" (Lk 11:1).

    Since it is the prayer Jesus taught it is called "The Lord's Prayer". This is the most popular prayer among christians. Mathew and Luke have recorded this prayer, Both evangelists introduce the prayer with the preface "Pray like this". The Lord's Prayer is a model for praying.

    Though learned by heart and repeated many times a day, it can happen that one does not understand its depth or pay attention to the truth the prayer contains and the message it conveys.

    This prayer, in fact, contains the sum total of Christ's teaching about faith and morality, as in a nutshell. After addressing God "Our Father", the prayer places seven requests before His. All these eight points are studied in detail in this book.

    Regardless of cast and creed, all those who believe in god could find a model for prayer, inspiration and source of strength in the Lord's Prayer. When we call God "Abba" we become aware that none of us are orphans. We have a common Father, and as His children all are brothers/sisters to one another. The Lord's Prayer could help create such a conviction adn develop universal brotherhood.


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