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Author : Abhilash Fraizer


Pages: 80

Size: Demy 1/8

Binding: Paperback

Edition: 2018 July


The Scripture says, Your word is a lamp to my feet. Perhaps there is no better definition for a word than 'Lamp'. These handful of musings are nothing but a quest for the Ultimate Light and a humble effort to light the lamp of words for the lonely ships in the sea yonder.

Light House

SKU: 507
  • Book : Light House
    Author : Abhilash Fraizer
    Category : Essays (ലേഖനം)
    ISBN : 9788193796443
    Binding : Paperback
    First published : 2018 July
    Publisher : Atmabooks
    Edition : 1
    Number of pages : 80
    Language : English

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