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Author: Noble Thomas Parackal

Pages: 312

Size: Demy 1/8

Binding: Paperback

Edition: May 2019


Noble Thomas Parackal has produced a valuable work by collecting and publishing relevant ecclesiastical and Indian penal laws in one volume. In our present context of sex abuse scandals in the Church this book assumes a particular importance as it offers itself as a handy tool for those persons dealing with allegations of sex abuse by Church personnel.

Oswald Cardinal Gracias


This Volume is a real need of the time. It is a very useful work for all especially for the church personnel who must be aware of the boundaries that their ministries demand.

George Cardinal Alencherry


The need to have all the laws, rules and regulations of the church as well as of the Civil authorities in India in a single volume is a felt need of today in the context of sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults. I congratulate the author for having spent his precious time and energy for collecting all the relevant laws and publishing them.

Beselios Cardinal Cleemis


This volume is very important and useful not only for those persons who handle the cases of sex abuse allegations against Church personnel but also every member of the Church in getting the right information about the existing laws and the awareness of the need for regulating ones own behaviour in such areas accordingly. Hearty congratulations to the editor.

Archbishop Soosai pakiam

Sexual Offences Against Minors and Vulnerable Adults: Ecclessiastical and Civil

SKU: 579
  • Book : Sexual Offences Against Minors and Vulnerable Adults: Ecclessiastical and Civil Laws and Procedures
    Author : Noble Thomas Parackal
    Category : Laws
    ISBN : 9789388909273
    Binding : Paperback
    First published : May 2019
    Publisher : Atmabooks
    Edition : 1
    Number of pages : 312
    Language : English

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