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This book has been prepared by keeping the need and importance of sign language among hearing and hearing impaired individuals as the members of and inclusive society. The approach of the authors in preparing this book is very simple and logic.

Making awareness among readers and motivating them to learn sign language and create understanding on the essential signs for basic communications are the objectives behind this attempt.

The book is arranged in 5 units. First unit is an introduction to deafness/Hearing Impairment. Second unit deals with Language and Communication. Augmentative and Alternative Communication is included in the Third unit. Fourth unit deals with the Basics of Sign Language And Fifth unit is comprised of Hand Shapes and developing Skill in using Sign Language. In order to connect the minds of the people both hearing and hearing impaired, we hope that this book will play an important role.


SKU: 635
    Author : Dr. K. M. Musthafa, Anagha M.M
    Category : Study
    ISBN : 9789388909990
    Binding : Paperback
    First published : March 2020
    Publisher :  Atmabooks
    Edition : 1
    Number of pages :144
    Language : English

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