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Includes all the Bible Parables of Jesus and Full Bible Text and Explanations
Genre: Children’s Bible/Biblical Comic book for Children and Parents or Guides
 Jesus’ parables are probably the most popular short stories in history. Each parable is like a treasure that hides a message for us. That’s why we have prepared this book with all the parables.
First is the Bible text along with Bible quote (parallel reference will help you find the same in the other Gospels)
Next comes the parables in comic strips
At the end of each parable, you will find a commentary about the parable for a more reflective reading. The commentaries include:
* The explanation of the context in which Jesus explained the parable.
* The connection with Jesus’ other parables or teachings.
* The explanation of some cultural references.
* The interpretation of the parable.
* The application of the message in our life.
If you read the parable in the comic strips, don’t forget to also read the biblical text so you don’t miss any detail. The book is not only meant for children but also for youth, adults and for elderly readers. Parents and guides who use it for children can devote a day-session with a parable. Prepare the session by reading the commentary which will be very helpful for the session. It can help explain the parable its content, its idea and its development better.
This book will help go deep into knowledge of the parables; and applying the same in our lives will bear much fruit. 2019 ed. 112 pp. Rs 200


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