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Book The Strange World of Quantum Physics
Author :Joseph Mathew
Category : (Study)
ISBN 9789391399320
Binding : Paperback
First published :  2022
Publisher :ATC Publishers 
Edition : 1
Number of pages : 352
Language : English

The Strange World of Quantum Physics

  • Description of the book:

    The present volume explains in simple language all the important concepts of quantum physics. These include: quantum wave and particle, uncertainty principle, wave function, EPR paradox, non-locality, quantum field theories (QED, electroweak theory, QCD and quantum theory of gravity), the Standard Model of Particle Physics, the role of the observer in the quantum world, and quantum cosmology. There are thirty diagrams and four tables illustrating the different concepts. It can be used as introductory/complementary reading by students who study physics, and also by people who are interested in the subject.


    Prof. Dr. K. Babu Joseph, former Vice Chancellor of the Cochin University of Science and Technology, says in his “Foreword” to The Strange World of Quantum Physics :


    “Joseph Mathew has done a brilliant job in producing a popular synthesis of different strands of quantum physics. This includes not only a survey of historical developments of its framework, but also controversial aspects, such as quantum cosmology, measurement theory and role of the observer. Some aspects of this grand theory may sound just like surreal fiction. I have immense pleasure in introducing before intelligent and curious people this beautiful work.”

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